Limousine Services to Cheer on St. Louis Blues Western Conference Quarter Finals Ice Hockey Sporting Event at Scottrade Center in St. Louis, MO

It’s the time of year again when the National Hockey League Playoffs are in full swing and the St. Louis Blues are vying for the Stanley Cup this year! Are you lucky enough to have tickets for a game at the Scottrade Center? If you have tickets for the next game or any event going on at Scottrade Center you can count on Eagle Limousine & Chauffeur Services to get you there in luxury and style. There are lots of benefits when you hire a professional driver to get you to and from the Scottrade Center.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Limousine & Chauffeur Service

1. Convenience of a private car service. When you use the services of a professional car service, it’s the most convenient way to enjoy the game. Let the driver fight the traffic so you can sit back and relax. We know all the best ways to get there. The only thing you need to worry about is being ready when the driver gets to your place. When the game is over, you have a ride waiting for you and allows you to enjoy a stress-free night.
2. Limo ride in luxury & comfort. Who doesn’t want to ride in luxury and comfort? Eagle Limousine & Chauffeur Services has all kinds of cars to choose from with features like plush leather seating and XM satellite stereo for a special treat. You can also enjoy a cold drink on your way to the game or just sit back and relax.
3. Stress-free parking. You don’t have to park a limo. Think about the last time you went to an event at Scottrade Center. It can be very hard and stressful to park your vehicle and you won’t have to walk a mile to the main entrance after you’ve parked. A limo service can drop you off at the front door and you won’t have to pay any parking fees.
4. No designated driver needed. When you use a limo service, you don’t need to worry about choosing someone be the designated driver. Everyone can enjoy themselves and the chauffeur will make sure you and your friends get home safely; even if you may have had a little too much to drink!
5. Affordable limo transportation. Most people assume that hiring a limo service is out of their price range. Think again. If the bill is split up among a group of people, the cost can be very affordable. Another plus is that you pay by the hour – not by the number of in the group. This makes hiring a limo service even more affordable, especially if you’re going with a large number of people.

Scottrade Center Limousine & Chauffeur Services in Imperial, Mehlville, Oakville, Arnold, Liguori & Greater St. Louis, Missouri

Hopefully the St. Louis Blues can go all the way and you’ll have more opportunities to catch a game. If not, there’s always something going on at Scottrade Center. Call Eagle Limousine & Chauffeur Services to get you there safely, on time and without any stress! Contact us today to make a reservation for your next outing to Scottrade Center or other places around our great city.