Prom Checklist 2019 in St. Louis, MO; Planning Activities, Limousine Transportation Packages & More

Prom season is in full swing across the country. High school students throughout the United States are busy planning the perfect prom night. What does the perfect prom night even look like though? It can be hard to know exactly what you should be doing. Our drivers here at Eagle Limousine & Chauffeur Service have helped make thousands of prom nights a dream come true. We have put together a list of things that we know will help your prom night be all you hoped it would be and more.

Ask Someone to Prom

The very first thing that you need to do is ask your date. You will want to ask someone that you know that you can have an amazing evening with. Ask someone that is easy to talk to and likes to participate in the types of activities you will be planning. Your date will need to purchase her dress so make sure that you give her enough time to go shopping before the big day. Many times people will ask their date in a cute and clever way. If you search online you will find tons of different options to choose from or you can come up with your own.

Going to Prom with a Group of Friends

Next you will want to decide if you are going to go in a group or just by yourself the night of prom. Most couples choose to go in a group for the prom. You will want to get together with the other guys in your group and make your plans. Lots of groups will do some activities during the day and then drop their dates off to get ready for the evening. In the evening typically you will go to dinner and the dance. After the dance there are many different fun activities that you may choose to do as well. Planning in a group can be hard so make sure that everyone does their best to include everyone in the process. Once you have things planned you will want to let your date know what the plan is. Your date will most likely have someone help her get ready. She will need to tell whoever is helping her get ready what time she will need them. You want your date to feel absolutely beautiful on prom night so giving her this information is extremely important.

Prom Prep Checklist

You need to get all of the details for the evening set-up once you have it planned. This will include renting your tuxedo or purchasing a suit to wear for the evening. You may need to make reservations for some of the activities that you will be participating in. You will need to call the florist and order a corsage for your date. Most of the time corsages match the girl’s dress so you will want to have her tell you what color her dress is once she has purchased it.

Prom Limo Transportation

You will also need to get your transportation arranged. This is where Eagle Limousine & Chauffeur Service comes in. For your day activities driving your own car is totally fine. If you want to make a true statement for the evening though you will want to rent a limo or party bus. Renting a limo or party bus has many different advantages. Many times prom groups are too large to fit in one car. A limo or party bus will be able to seat everyone so you can all be together. Another advantage is that you can just truly enjoy your evening without having to worry about driving or directions. This will give you all the time and energy you need to fully focus on making sure that you and your date have a great time together.

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If you follow all of these tips your prom night is bound to be the night you were dreaming of. Here at Eagle Limousine & Chauffeur Service we can’t wait to participate in your evening with you! Contact us to schedule your prom transportation today!