Prom Limousine Etiquette in St. Louis, MO; Don’t Hang from Windows, Always Wait for Driver to Open Door for You, Enjoy Your Limo Ride & More

Showing up at prom in a sleek black limousine with all your friends is exciting. Limo rentals provide you with first-class treatment and can fit any budget. They can be rented by the hour or the day and it doesn’t need to break the bank. Don’t wait too long to book your limo though, they are a popular part of the prom experience and booking early will give you a better selection so you can pick out the limo that’s right for the big night.

Limousine Etiquette

Each and every year limo services are hired to chauffeur students around for the night. Professionals should treat their teenage customers the same way they treat grownup passengers and the rules are the same for all passengers regardless of their age. No jumping, moving around or hanging from the window when the limo is in motion. Always wait for the limo driver to open the door for you. This ensures there aren’t any vehicles moving close by. These rules are set up to keep everyone safe. Prom is an exciting event and things can get a little rowdy, so please don’t feel offended if you’re asked to stop doing something. Volume of music can be a bone of contention. The speakers in a limo are located right behind the driver and the driver can become deafened by the sound if the volume is turned up too high. If the driver can’t hear what’s going on around, it can become a safety issue. Horns form other cars, calls from distressed passengers or oncoming emergency vehicles will be hard to hear if the music is cranked up too high. It’s fun to listen to music and you are even encouraged to bring your own, but a common ground needs to be met.

Respect Between Limo Passengers & Chauffeur Driver

It’s important for passengers to treat the chauffeurs with the respect they deserve. While you might not like their personality, their job isn’t to entertain you so don’t expect a clown or a babysitter. Teenagers might complain they may have been treated poorly. For this reason, you should always take a card from the driver so you can address any of these issues with the driver directly. The goal of Eagle Limousine & Chauffeur Service is to provide prom goers with a memorable experience. Be sure you have a talk with your teenagers about treating the chauffeur with respect.

Prom Limousine & Chauffeur Services in Imperial, Mehlville, Oakville, Arnold, Liguori & Greater St, Louis, Missouri

Now is the time to get your transportation for prom booked. If you’re ready to book, then give Eagle Limousine & Chauffeur Service a call. We are a professional company in the business with a large and diverse selection of vehicles along with reliable and professional drivers. Our drivers have had extensive background checks done on them before they have any chance to get behind the wheel to take your party out for the night. Customer satisfaction is the most important aspect of choosing a limo service. Contact us today!